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Tele-skills / Telemarketing training
'Train and Transform'
Structured learning & development in telemarketing or sales should always be a worthwhile investment. BenefitStar has a track record of training and transforming people, whose performance can often quite literally be turned-around, virtually overnight.

A great telemarketing environment is dependant on teams of individuals who buy-in to the ethos and values of their organisation; people who have a sound skills-base and know where they are going in the business, and how they impact on the business.

In telemarketing the performance of the individuals making the calls represents the sum and substance of what is produced. How good or bad the call outcome, hence the operation, is linked inextricably to the skill of the person making the call.

Identifying and addressing training and development needs within telemarketing or contact centre environments is central to good performance, but one-off training provides only instant relief, so BenefitStar create tools to train, sustain, and grow skills increasingly with the passage of time.
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