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Our Approach to Training
BenefitStar training is comprehensive and extensive. The end result can quite literally be life-changing, altering forever the way the sales role is perceived, approached and organised.
  • First we deal with Feelings
  • Then we build the Skills
  • Finally we model performance with proven tools to ensure lasting success
Best in breed, proven techniques are customised and fine-tuned for powerful, professional, communicative calls. NLP style learning (a method of influencing how we think and communicate) is used to address and reframe deep seated (often negative) feelings associated with sales or telemarketing. Ostensibly changing the way individuals feel and reflect on their roles. The result; more healthy, positive, energetic interactions which are far better able to get under the skin of buyers, converting sales.

The techniques and methods BenefitStar train have proven to fundamentally change the way people perform in their roles. Delegates recently awarded 98% satisfaction on content, materials and ability to apply learning to tasks.
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