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Your 'Remote Manager'
The competencies your organisation teaches, promotes and measures should be those that most deliver profit.

If managing sales or telemarketing staff feels like cat herding, BenefitStar can help. Working alongside your management or supervisory team, BenefitStar will help ensure the right calls reach the right target audience; hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

BenefitStar will train your people to the highest standards, then we can design and deliver a competency framework for your management team to continue generating the right returns; via team briefing, monitoring and feedback. In fact, BenefitStar can deliver everything necessary to ensure your team keep up the good work long after we've left.

What's more, BenefitStar will make it possible for anyone within your organisation to effectively grade their peer's competencies using a simple, shared tool which enables fair scoring of the particular skills and competencies that are mission critical to your success.

Do your staff know what great performance looks like; where their performance is, and where it needs to be? They can now!

Organisations that embrace and promote ongoing learning and performance management programmes, help place stronger focus on business performance, enabling higher levels of employee engagement and better business results.

Creating the culture and climate where people can give of their best whilst the business gets sustainable high performance is the ultimate goal.
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